Want to Run a Web Business? Help!

Im sure many of you have some truly great (and probably some not so
great) web business ideas. First things first, I want to say that
myself and my good friend Michael are new at this. We don't have CV's
bursting with impressive web startup accolades and multi million pound
exits to VC's. We have other day jobs and just wanted to make the leap
from talking about ideas for web businesses to actually doing them.

We are at the start of an uncertain road but one thing is for sure, we
are going to be pushing hell for leather to establish our new company,
Quik Communications Ltd. We love QR codes and have some cool projects
lined up that make use of these ingenious things.

I myself have a background in sales so I am learning a huge amount about
how to go from idea to a functioning web business. What have I learnt so
far? I like to think of myself as an idea man. I carry a note book for
when ideas come to me (which addmittedly my girlfriend rightly mocks me
for). Going from idea to a tangible web business however is tough,
especially when you are holding down another stressful job. I would
really advise fellow web entrepreneurs to get help to realise their

I started trying to so everything myself; do my job, come back, work on
the reasearch, find developers, work out a marketing strategy, setup a
blog yada yada yada. I found that inevitebly I just couldn't do
everything myself. Finding a business partner has certainly helped me
focus on what I like to do (sales, marketing, generate idea and
strategy) and push the business along at a much quicker pace than ever
would have been possible on my own.

Going forward we will be sharing our experience, in real time, of
developing a hatchling web startup in London.

Sticking with exchanging ideas and connecting with like minded people,
are there any networking events, talks etc that you have found useful in
London? Any advice appreciated!



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