Testing Testing; Or Not Quite

It's been brewing for a while, planning for a while, but we are now all systems go. Quikqr is being developed even as we speak.

What can you expect from this blog then? A few things.

Firstly Ben and myself, the founders of Quik Communications, the company behind Quikqr, will be talking about QR codes and the potential of barcodes in general. We passionately believe that these digital physical interfaces have the potential to transform the way we engage with the internet, and indeed the world. We try and keep on top of all the latest news in the area and will let you know when we find something interesting.

Secondly we'll be telling the story of getting our company off the ground. Like everyone in this space (and possibly on the web) we are learning as we go- learning about everything from contracts to some of the intricacies begind APIs. We'll be open about the travails, highs and lows in setting it up. Whatever happens next, it'll be an interesting journey.

There has already been a lot of work going on behind the scenes. Unsurprisingly even relatively simple websites take a lot of thought and work. If you want to do them well that is.

So for now watch this space-...



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