They're Out There!

We heard about the massive Pepsi QR campaign a while ago and have been tracking the progress on the web. Ever since it launched I've been rubber necking at Pepsi cans and bottles for real, hard evidence of QR codes launching themselves into the UK.

And finally we have it! There it is. Have to say it looks pretty good. The QR code is arresting, and there is a rudimentary rubric in the form of a phone, seemingly beaming something towards the barcode itself. While it isn't totally clear what you should be doing, it's probably better than nothing when working on a scale like this. Found on a casual of afternoon Pepsi at work- can't say more embedded and natural than that.

This is a landmark campaign for both QR codes and mobile marketing in the UK. Pepsi is a marketing driven brand with enormous clout. PepsiCo is the kind of vast consumer goods producer that will drive barcodes out into the mainstream. That they are pioneering QR codes at such an early phase of adoption is commendable- I for one sincerely hope they see a decent ROI on the campaign..

So, they are out there. QR codes are live in the UK, and this is only the beginning.



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