Stop the Presses

Been sending out the press release to some of the tech blogs today, just hoping it gets some sort of reaction. Preferably good.

Traffic is beginning to build for the site which is good. The APIs all seem to be working. We recently added the functionality that allows people to save the codes as PNG images.

Heads up on some future developments: we did some epic filming in central London the other week for what can only be described as Quikqr: The Movie. I don't want to give away too much, but we got some brilliant footage of a giant QR code we made, a lot of bemused looks from people, some incredible interviews, including a memorable one with Darth Vader. We got sweared at in Leicester Sq, danced to heavy metal on the South Bank and found someone who had heard of QR codes! What are the odds. Watch (haha) this space for the video.

We were also taking static shots of QR codes in iconic locations. Unfortunately the absence of a quality SLR meant that quite a lot of these didn't come out. This is one that did though.

Any suggestions for what we can do with the image? It would be great to get it out there.


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