QR Wall

Now this is cool- a QR code wall. I came across QR Wall in a comment on the incomparable 2d-code, and think the concept is great.

Basically you can leave a message which is then encoded into a QR code. This then goes to form a "brick" in the wall. Its an interesting idea as it uses the data compression of a QR code, and indeed the visualization, to produce an arresting, crowd sourced and disparate narrative. Or picture.

Really then its some strange confluence of art and story, a folk take painted in black and white squares.

These kind of ideas are what are pushing the boundaries of QR codes. We all know their functionality and anyone can think of a thousand different applications. Actually creatively engaging with them is great to see.

Was it cheeky to encode www.quikqr.com as a message? Oh well.


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