Live Live Live

So we now have a live site! Whoop. It's not quite at the launch phase yet, but everything is up and sitting there so I guess you could call it a soft beta launch.

Have a look.

Once we have the press releases sent out, the marketing in place and all the other stuff ready we can call it launched. There is more functionality to come and hopefully there will be constant new additions to expand the offering.

It's already been quite a journey with more twists than expected; having something up, something we can point to and say "A website!!!!!" (very loudly) is a big relief.

The proposition of the site, like every good website is simple: create QR and then let people do cool stuff with them without any fuss or friction in between. While the proposition is simple as anyone who has ever been involved with websites will testify the execution is far from it. As a learning curve it's been pretty steep although utterly necessary.

Any feedback is much appreciated so do get in touch. We might even buy you a pint...

Coming next: some flair skills with QR and mobile barcodes the likes of which you have never seen before. Guaranteed. Promise. Ok, we'll try. Watch this space.



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