QR Codes Take Off

Thanks to everyone who has been using Quikqr - it's been an interesting six months where we have seen explosive growth in the use of QR codes as they gain serious traction. Finally there is a sufficient critical mass of smart phones with scanners pre-installed or easily available through app stores for 2d bar codes to become the most efficient way of accessing the internet. There are lots of QR generators out there, but we still think that for ease of use, simplicity and no strings attached you can't find better than Quikqr.

We'll be keeping our eyes open for interesting uses of QR and if you have anything you think would be worth highlighting drop me a line on Twitter (@ajaxlogos), and I'll put it up on the blog.


  • At a technology conference I attended in June, a school librarian suggested putting QR codes in the front of library books as a way to connect children and their families to the websites of the author and illustrator. I thought that an excellent idea which I want to implement.

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